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When you work on brands you love, it never feels like work.

Senior Lead Brand Creative on the Global Marketing Communications team at Mattel for Barbie and doll brands. My main responsibilities include: Video content for broadcast and digital for product advertising and a sprinkle of brand messaging specific content like music videos, purpose driven content and mom targeted digital advertising. I am also part of our social team where I concept and design for our main social channel @barbie. Sometimes other rad projects will come up where I will lead larger brand initiatives and campaigns such as Barbie’s 60th anniversary and campaigns such as Dads who play Barbie, You can be anything as well as creating rad in person experiences such as the Barbie expo in Canada, You can be anything exhibit for the Bentonville Film Festival and Barbie #BornExtra - a collab with a NY fashion brand. Seeing work my team and I have created in other countries and languages where we inspire little people and their imagination make it all worth it. I also lead creative for new brand launches and pitches for new partners and licenses such as Spirit the horse, Trolls and Hello Kitty. So, the fun never stops on this team and always keeps me on my toes!

Past Life / Fun facts:
My mom came to my first job interview at Chili’s when I was 15 and I got the job. I went home smelling like french fries after every shift for the next 2 years.

After that, I worked at a Skate Park that was built for the ESPN X-Trials in Grand Prairie. I went home smelling like copious amounts of people’s sweat and Lysol for the next few years. At the same time, I would also help out the marketing department by designing monthly newsletters and skate/bmx competition flyers for the park, all with Word, Scotch Tape, Scissors and the copier machine. 

Then I went to work for ESPN X-Games Skate Park in Grapevine where I was a retail buyer for the park for a year. I also designed competition flyers for that park as well as P.O.P. for the shop. I didn’t smell like sweat anymore because this park was nice and had a washer and dryer so we could wash the pads after every session. 

During my time at design school, I folded a lot of t-shirts at Urban Outfitters specifically for the men’s department where I was a team lead and at the same time listened to a lot of good music and a lot of bad music. I even have a Gold Folding Board because I was damn good at folding overpriced pieces of basic torso wear. Being a team lead was awesome. We got to help out the visual merchandising teams with floor set every quarter. There was a week where I had to rip off wallpaper off a giant wall with a spray bottle full of water and a razor blade — but I didn’t have to fold t-shirts that week so I was happy.

My first Design Job was designing packaging for consumer product goods. I’ve created private label style guides and packaging for lots of random things at this job, Christmas Lights, Airblown Inflatables, Dancing Monkeys, Plastic Toy Sticks, etc. I also learned to design specifically for large retailers such as Kmart, The Home Depot and Target as well as Licensed brands like Peanuts, Disney and Hello Kitty. I got my first cardboard cut at this job, it’s like a paper cut but with cardboard. I still have scars on my arms from this place.

Somewhere in between, I was an art director for a wedding magazine and hated it. So I left and went back to packaging because that job was awesome. It allowed me to create packaging programs and gave me art direction experience for consumer product photoshoots for global retailers which led me to a retail marketing agency where I got to create things for 7-Eleven and all the brands underneath it. 7-Eleven invented the convenience store industry and is the largest convenience retailer in the world. I started to realize that working and designing for global brands was super rad.

Other things I like are Pugs, coffee, reading fashion magazines, meeting and collaborating with new designers and eating fried chicken. I also really like the beach, even though I can’t swim.

Thanks for making it this far. Let’s live it up and make some awesome work together!
Love, Yen